Hi everyone,

I got some requests/questions about the Stokke chair cover so here is pdf pattern with my version of the seat cover. I don't have detailed instructions , but it shouldn't be hard to figure out, I hope :-).

* when you print out the pdf, do NOT shrink the image to fit your printer's printable area which is likely to be just a bit smaller than the 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper. Do not "fit to page." Print to full size so measurements and positioning stays true. This might mean that some things at the very edges will not print, but I've tried to keep all the important info away from the perimetre. I've noted on the pattern the widths and heights as well, so you can double check that it fits your chair.

Click here for pdf pattern.

framefront Chair seat :: A

Here's picture of the cushion seat. My harness clipped onto the back of the chair so that's why I did that curved cut out. If your harness doesn't do that, you may extend your pattern to cover the whole seat.

I've marked on the pattern where a slit could be made to accommodate the strap that goes between the legs. My harness didn't require that so I left it off (even though the chair itself had a slot for a strap). Again, depending on the harness system you have, you may or may not include that in your cover. I'm thinking you'd do that by making a big button whole where the strap would have to slide through.

framefront Chair seat :: B

This is the underside of the chair seat. I padded the seat a little and there's a little flap/pocket for the seat to fit into. A strap with snap buckle from the back wraps underneath to secure the seat to the chair.

framefront Chair back :: A

Here is the back of the cushion laid out flat.
*Note - sew on the velcro pieces and strap on the back piece of the cushion first, before you sew the back and front pieces togther.

I did the opening in the centre of the seat back first, before I sewed the edges of the centre back piece. That took a bit of finaggling. And I ended up just sewing the sides and bottom edges of the outer flaps by folding over the seams and top stitching around as there was no way to have the piece inside out to sew and turn back out after I had done the centre opening.

It would be easier to have done that opening last and just topstitch around the opening, and/or just do a tight satin stitch around the opening.


framefront Chair back :: B

And here is how the cushion looks when all the tabs fold over the chair frame and are velcro'ed. The centre strap that wraps around the chair frame/bar is attached to the chair back at the bottom end, and velcro'd at the top.



Good luck!