As I said, I didn't want to spring for buying the 'real' thousand bead block so I decided to diy my own. I did the same for the hundred as well. These are my cheap and cheerful versions. They're not as heavy but they serve the purpose. The foam or foam board are just enough to give it the shape required without having to resort to cutting wood. If you wanted to weight these, you could probably stick pennies into the foam to make them as heavy as you like.

What you'll need:
- DRY floral foam (for the thousand blocks)
- foam board (for the hundred)
- plain white paper
- masking tape
- clear packing tape
- full sheet sticker paper

Click here for pdf of bead sheet.

1) Blocks

My block allowed me to cut three 3" x 3" cube.As this dry foam stuff is kind of powdery, I used masking tape over the where I would need to cut first just so it wouldn't just crumble under any pressure from the cutting. I just used an exacto knife to score the first cuts but found it easier to use think stainless ruler to cut through the remaining thickness of the foam.

Now, just wrap up your blocks in white paper. I just did that so that the foam wouldn't just powder off in my hands while I'm handling them. I just wrapped them like I would a present.

For the hundred, just trim out 3" x 3" square from the foam board.


2) The Beads print out

Download the pdf of the bead sheet and print out. Trim along the faint lines for the squares. Now you are ready to apply these to the blocks or hundred board. The block requires 6 labels, the hundred requires just one - but you can double side them if you want.
*each sheet only fits 6 full hundred labels, but I crammed in as much as I could on a sheet and just patched using the incomplete squares til it made a hundred. Barely noticeable. Your call.


3) Last Step

My little trick? I use clear packing tape and wrap everything up. It'll protect the cube from sticky hands and you can wipe them down. Just a thin (and cheap) protective layer.


Good luck!