• Thrift Store Couch

    In my off hours my energies turn to craft, art and design projects around the house.
    Here's a collection of my latest crafty adventures.

    My craft pride and joy (to date)! Came across this couch for $50 at a thrift shop - in mint condition, having spent it’s life under protective plastic.

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  • Thrift Store Couch | Before

    Yes, this is what it used to look like. But you can't judge a book by it's cover. I saw the clean lines and shape under the granny garb and was inspired.

    Ripped off as much of the upholstery and foam as I could (a million staples later), then relined and sewed new removable covers for the entire frame and cushions.

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  • Thrift Store Couch | After

    Off with the skirt to show off shiny new stainless legs and voila.

  • Thrift Store Couch | After

  • Malm Makeover

    Ikea Hack

    So many of us have one of these hanging around. I kinda like their spare design but for a while now, it's been bugging me as it sits in our foyer as a place to drop off keys, mail and stash a whole bunch of stuff.

    Finally got around to tackling it with some strips of mdf I found at craft store.

    ROLLOVER to remind yourself what the Malm looks like

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  • Malm Makeover

    Ta Da. Really wasn't a big job at all once I got started. A bit more polish and better impression when you come in the door.

    NOTE: I applied litte faux legs to 'lighten' the visual weight of the Malm.

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  • Malm : Storage up to the ying yang.

    1) Here's close up of the staggered strips of mdf. I'm not sure if i want to put little knobs/pulls on it yet.

    2) Have it give it to the Malm for it's awesome storage. Top drawer holds lip balm, sunglasses to pens and batteries.

    3) 5 year old's bike helmet, bike lock, toques, goggles...etc

    4) Hubby's assorted soccer shoes, shin pads, caps.


  • String Light Pendant

    String Light Pendant

    I know we've all seen these everywhere, but I still love them.

    Can't take credit for the how-to's as I found instructions on Pickles.no, a very cool site from Norway. I had to give this DIY a go. Here's my version.

    :: To Pickles's original instructables.

  • Recycled Green Stools

    Go Green and Upcycle!
    The perfect perch for my morning espresso.

    Another one of my thrift store finds. I use them all over the house for sitting on while putting on my shoes, a spot for clothes, extra seating ...etc

    ROLLOVER through to see what they used to look like.

    :: To my Instructables.

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  • Upcycled Green Stools | Before

    I think these were just odd left over parts that spooled wires or heavy cords. New removable and washable covers (with new baby, it's important that EVERYTHING is washable!) added shape and cushioning. I think they're pretty cute.

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  • Upcycled Green Stools | The more the merrier.

    All together I made four and they're scattered around my house for seating in pinch, someplace to rest my feet, and at one time, a great baby walker.

  • Advent Calendar 2013

    Let the count down begin!

    In my entrance table, each day a little surprise to open.

    CLICK through to:
    - Felt Pine Cones
    - Parliament of Owls (ornaments)
    - Origami Cranes Delux

  • Advent Calendar 2013

    Close up

    Some lego figures, nuts, little gingerbread animals and of course a few chocolates scattered here and there. One day will include a map of the main floor for dad and son to hunt for toy too big to fit in the packages.

  • Christmas ornaments #1: Felt Pinecones

    Felt Pinecone Ornaments

    My love affair with felt continues. Perfect for winter and curious kiddie hands.

  • Christmas ornaments #2: Little felt owls.

    A parliament of owls
    for our Christmas tree.

    Felt ornaments are perfect for toddler who wants to touch everything. Again, dollar store felt comes through.

  • Christmas ornaments #3: Origami cranes.

    Christmas origami
    - delux.

    I've always loved those paper cranes so I translated the look into felt cranes for our tree.

  • Party Kit

    Birthday No. #4

    It's a bird, it's a plane.. it's a superhero party! And that means capes for everyone.

    CLICK through to:
    - Superhero decor
    - Birthday No. #3

  • Party kit

    Superhero supplies

    What started out as a 'few capes' ended up being a dozen capes, one cityscape backdrop, felt pennants, and soda bottle knock down pins with bean bags. By the time I got to the party treats, I just ended up using chinese take-away boxes with simple hero stickers.

    It was awesome.

  • Valentine Treats

    Be Mine

    What says "Be my playdate" better than cookies. Recipe courtesy of EatGood4Life. Plus some simple print outs from the office printer on red card stock. xoxoxo.

  • Birthday kit

    Birthday No. #3

    Can't believe he's turning 3 already. Loves cars, trucks, dinosaurs, trains.
    So this year, I'm continuing with the train thing.

  • Birthday Treats

    Crispie Rice Treats

    Cooking isn't my thing so this is actually the first time I've ever made these. Dolled them up a bit with some labels and tags.

    Btw, these are brown rice crisps... if that balances out the chocolate and sprinkles...

  • Halloween 2013 - beeeb beeeeb deeeeooooop


    There are some really cool ones out there made from domed trash bins, but I didn't have one on hand. Upside down plastic bowl and some laminated card did the trick though. Now it sits in his bedroom as permanent sleepover guest.

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    - Grizzly Bear 2012
    - Thomas the Tank Engine 2012
    - Lion Costume 2011
    - Baby Dino Costume 2010

  • Halloween 2012 - the easy one

    Costume 2012 No. #1. Grizzly Bear

    Child can sit and move around in classroom in costume: CHECK.
    Am I getting lazy with another felt/hoodie costume? But it's so darn cute on him.

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    - Costume 2012 No. #2
    - Lion Costume 2011
    - Baby Dino Costume 2010

  • Halloween 2012 - the one daddy promised him (from me)

    Costume 2012 No. #2. Thomas the Tank Engine

    Child can sit and move around in classroom in costume: NOPE.
    But he's mad for Thomas and still tears around the house in it.

    I designed the construction of the costume so it's basically a slipcover fitting over a box. It can be taken off and packed flat til I whip it out again whenever.

    Instructables to come....

  • Halloween Costume #2: Lion

    Another year and another hoodie transformation. Dollar store felt, and a couple episodes of The Office later. Rrrrrroar!

  • Halloween Costume #1: Dino Baby

    Halloween costume for baby. Who could resist?

    Not yet one, his first Halloween costume. An easy costume that's relatively comfortable for a baby. So cute. All you need is a hoodie. I ended up making ones for us too - mommy, daddy and baby dinosaurs!

  • A place to store soft toys and baby stuff.

    Nursery Cabinet / Side Table

    A $3 find from yard sale easily turned into modern graphic cabinet with some paint, masking tape and new handle.

  • Summer Fort

    Summer Indoor Fort, hooray!

    On the odd (?) rainy summer day, My 2 yr old needed somewhere to hide out so I made an indoor fort out of the space beneath the basement stairs. Cooler than daddy's man cave, hands down! Panel 'door's open and close with loop and big buttons.

    Mouse over to see Before.

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  • Inside the fort | After

    With panels fully opened, you can see it's quite the cozy nook for reading, kicking back, hiding from grown ups.

  • Peeking through | After

    Hee hee. He always seem to get the coolest rooms in the house.

  • Nursery Glider Make Over

    Glider's Extreme Makeover

    I had read that one of these would save my life when I'm feeding in the wee hours for the nth time. My MIL generously offered me hers, but it wasn't really my style... The transformation was later featured on Ohdeedoh.com which received a fair number of requests for my How To's.

    :: To Odeedoh's post of Glider.
    :: To my Instructables.

    CLICK through to see the BEFORE.

  • Glider | Before

    As you can see, it had to be done. Merely sewing new cushion covers was not going to cut it. A weekend later - ta da!

  • Stokke Chair cover

    Seat Cushion for Stokke High Chair

    Here's my seat cushion set for the Stokke high chair. The material is water repellant - good for wiping off the mushy "solids". Bold and graphic, with a little bit of red piping to match the red harness.

    :: To pattern.

    CLICK through to see Baby Bouncer Makeover.

  • Geometry/Shape Sticks

    My take on Montessori Geometry Sticks

    A little colour and some popcycle sticks make it fun for kids to learn their shapes.

    CLICK through to see:
    - Geometry sticks at work
    - Alphabet Cards

  • Geometry/Shape Sticks

    Making it fun to learn.

    Coralled into small pencil holder with name, number of sides and colour coded for easy reference.

  • Alphabet Cards

    Learning the ABCs

    Some simple graphic shapes and bold colours to help baby recognize his letters. Out of my office printer and laminated.

  • Golden Beads

    Montessori Golden Beads

    We bought a small Golden Bead set for home which only came with 1 hundred and 1 thousand block. So I decided to DIY the rest. Here's my version of the thousand bead block.

    More DIY versions of Montessori learning toys to come.

    CLICK through to see:
    - Instructables for the 1000s
    - Addition Strips
    - Moveable Alphabet

  • DIY version

    Golden Beads Thousand block.

    No, it doesn't have the weight of the real bead block but it does the trick and it's very comparable in size.


    :: To Instructables

  • Addition Strips

    Montessori Addition Strips

    He tells me about these all the time so I decided to make my own mini version with supplies from home, dollar store and Urban Source, an awesome local alternative art supply store. (They collect useable discards, misprints, overstocks across industries that might otherwise go in the landfill but make great art supplies with a little imagination!)


    :: To Instructables

  • Moveable Alphabet

    Montessori Moveable Alphabet

    Super simple moveable alphabet for him to learn to phonetically put sounds together into words. I did the Smelly Cat. What will he spell starting with "x"?


  • Summer 2013

    Daycamp lunch bags

    Maybe not the green way to go, but I started packing his lunch in paperbags. While preparing for the day, I doodled something on them. Then I doodled a little more.

    Turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing 5 minutes of the day. Adults forget they we like to draw too!