Thrift store find goes modern

Still my craft pride and joy (to date)! Came across this couch for $50 at a thrift shop - in mint condition, having spent it’s life under protective plastic.
stairs FPO

Stairs - a work in progress

For position only - our "mock" posts for the stairs are in and we're liking it. Ikea's Besta unit at the base to provided much needed storage in the entry hall.

Floor space

We ended up re-sanding and re-staining the main floor as well. Not in the original plan but it just seemed like - while they're here, our house is a mess, let's get it all done. So here are some stains the floor guy showed me - i hated them all but i think he was trying to steer me from basically changing from the original colour :-).
Will update when it's all done... soon.
String light pendant

DIY String Light Pendant

I know we've all seen these everywhere, but I still love them. Can't take credit for the how-to's as I found instructions on, a very cool site from Norway. I had to give this DIY a go. Here's my version.
Check post for how I did it.

Tea Party

Custom Alice in Wonderland/Tea party kit created for little girl's first birthday.