String Light Pendant

I know we've all seen these everywhere, but I still love them. Can't take credit for the how-to's as I found instructions on, a very cool site from Norway. I had to give this DIY a go. Here's my version.

I used a glue mixture of Elmers glue, cornstarch and water in which I soaked my string. After blowing up the balloon to the size you want your pendant, rub over it with thin layer of Vaseline so the glue and string will come off easier later. Cover your work area well and wear gloves! It's going to get messy. I suspended this from my old light fixture while I worked. Make sure your string is well covered in the glue mixture and start wrapping around your balloon, aiming for even but random coverage. Remember to mark a circular opening for where you'll be inserting your lightbulb & cord at at the top of your balloon. Then wrap your string keeping that space clear.

When it's all dried, release it from the balloon. You'll probably need to do some clean up by clipping of bits of stray string and glue. I attached my pendant to the stripped off top ring of an old Ikea paper lantern. It clips on and off the cable holding the light so I can still change the bulb as needed. Ta Da.

  • What I used
  • Large Balloon in size and shape you want, string, glue, cornstarch, vaseline. Ikea Regolit paper shade (or similar).
  • Links
  • Ikea's Regolit shade HERE.