Main Floor Bath - with Epoxy Counters!

Now that we've added the top floor to our house, we barely use this bathroom anymore. It hadn't really been touched since we first bought the house but after the big reno, we didn't want another messy project. PLUS, it was during Covid lockdown so no one was coming over to to visit or reno anything.

So I thought I'd do another DIY. After seeing many IG posts on epoxy counters, I thought I could try it on this small counter. I was very nervous doing the epoxy. Didn't know if I would screw it up, or if it would look terrible/fake/plastic-y. It might be hard to see but I wanted a very subtle marble/stone look - no big veins. I achieved this by using daubs of grey spray paint that I gently moved around with gloved hand, right after the epoxy mix was poured. It was super glossy when dried but I ended up wet sanding it for a honed finished which I love way more and it actually looks and feels like legit stone!

Finally, I re-jigged the profile of the cabinets. Last minute decision. The old shaker was looking a bit tired to me so I trimmed it out to slim shaker profile, painted it all in a soft putty colour and sprayed the hardware black after seeing how good black looked when I was using electrical tape for temporary handles during my painting process.

  • Materials
  • Epoxy 2 Part Clear Resin Kit (I got mine from Amazon), epoxy resin pigment (Michaels), oil based spray paint, wet sandpaper.
  • Balsa strips, No More Nails, paint.