Thrift Store goes Modern

My craft pride and joy (to date)! Came across this couch for $50 at a thrift shop - in mint condition, having spent it’s life under protective plastic.
Yes, this is what it used to look like. But you can't judge a book by it's cover. I saw the clean lines and shape under the granny garb and was inspired. Ripped off as much of the upholstery and foam as I could (a million staples later), then relined the whole thing in cotton muslin. Then off came the "skirt" and replaced old feet with new shiny legs. I sewed removable zippered covers for the entire frame and cushions - a must with little hands and spills. Though this couch is no longer in the living room, it's still in great shape and use in our den - my hub's favourite napping spot.

  • Stay tuned for an add-on to this piece.